Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NSM Rally in Pomona, CA - Nov. 5th, 2011

The California chapter organized yet another successful rally, in fact our largest California rally to date. The Reclaim the Southwest Campaign continues forward. Thursday evening myself and a few of our Comrades went down to Pomona City Hall for an interview with a Los Angeles based tv network. On Saturday morning American Patriots gathered and we drove a convoy of 19 cars and vans into Pomona for the rally. The National Socialist Movement along with some solid Comrades from other groups brought in approximately 80 or more Patriots to Pomona City Hall to protest the California Dream Act, the influx of illegal aliens, and sanctuary cities. Several local media outlets ran reports claiming a couple dozen or 30 NSM supporters attended the event while others more accurately quoted 75, these figures do not include any of our supporters who attended out in the mostly hostile audience.

We parked our cars in a secure lot, formed up, and headed towards the front of City Hall. The usual assorted dregs of society (members of the ara/anti-racist action, communist party, along with a collection of various violent anarchists) let loose as we approached the street and started throwing drinks, traffic cones, and whatever other items they could find. Several of the ara degenerates picked up horse droppings (feces) with their bare hands and threw the horse crap into the air. which flew back into their own group of supporters, which was quite entertaining to see. When the National Socialist Movement refers to those who publicly stand against us as vile, degenerate, dirty, or sick people, this is the exact type of example we can use to prove our point time and time again. What type of person picks up feces with their bare hands and tosses it into the air like a child playing with a ball? Many of those whom oppose us are mentally ill, and such examples just further prove our point.

Confrontation between Neo-Nazi and Counter-Protesters at NSM Rally in Po...


Sunday, December 11, 2011

NSM Martyr's Day Gathering in the South

Getting my Nazi On! 88!

We held a Martyr's Day gathering in Eastern Georgia on Dec. 10th, to honor Col. Wild Bill Hoff, Jeff Hall and Robert Mathews. Each year Nationalists in the area have held celebrations to honor our brave soldiers who have gone on ahead to the next world. Speaking at this event was Commander Schoep, S.Sgt. Messer and Sgt. Drake. There was a meeting and after party with food and fireworks.
Myself and Commander Jeff Schoep.

Monday, November 7, 2011

POMONA - More than 50 members of the National Socialist Movement stepped onto the south side of Mission Boulevard on Saturday afternoon and walked east toward City Hall.

As the members of the neo-Nazi group approached City Hall, more than 300 counter-protesters moved toward the edge of the north sidewalk of the boulevard.

As the neo-Nazi group walked, some members called out: "Out immigrants! Out illegals!"

No sooner had members of the group positioned themselves in front of City Hall than anti-Nazi protesters spilled onto the street shouting names at the group.

A few counter-protesters were flinging orange traffic cones that flew past members of law enforcement but never reached the neo-Nazis.

For about an hour members of the neo-Nazi group gave speeches, periodically hurling insults at counter-protesters, who lobbed insults back.

"Everybody knows immigration is wrong," said Jeff Schoep, commander with the National Socialist Movement.

During what the group characterized as a rally, Schoep said he understood there is an effort to repeal the Dream Act, a pair of Assembly bills Gov. Jerry Brown signed recently that give illegal immigrants access to some financial resources, including state aid, to

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attend college.

Schoep said Americans shouldn't pay for illegal immigrants' education.

"The American dream is not for illegals. It's for white America," he said.

After speaking to the group, Schoep described the group as a white civil-rights organization that is nonviolent and not a hate group.

Schoep, who heads the Detroit-based group, attributed the nation's economic problems to illegal immigrants.

"They're taking away our jobs," he said.

Pomona was chosen as the site of the rally because "Pomona is a sanctuary city," he said, but added that the group had been in other cities, including Claremont, Phoenix, Los Angeles.

As the rally continued outside City Hall, Jason Hiecke, who identified himself as chief of staff for the neo-Nazi group, shouted, "Get the hell out!"

Counter-protesters responded with a collective "Booooo!"

"Every single one of you out there has an uncle or a brother in prison," he said.

"Nazis go home," people shouted back.

Among the counter-protesters was a woman who held a sign that read, "When did your family immigrate?"

Bun Naa Ngin of Pomona was among some people who stumbled onto the rally and counter-protest.

"This is not what America is about. America is where people come together and become one," Ngin said.

To Ngin the presence of the neo-Nazi members "seems like a cry for help and recruitment of people like them, with that mind-set."

Maria Martinez of Pomona said she was angry and offended to have a group come from outside the city and make her feel unsafe, angry and offended all at once.

"We don't want them here," Martinez said. "We all have the right to live whereever we want."

"I'm not happy about this," Martinez said. "We are all equal. Mexicans, whites, African American - we're all human."

Russell Johnson, a Pomona resident who is a student at Mt. San Antonio College, said he decided to go to Mission Boulevard to see what both sides had to say.

What he found was "there's a lot of hatred still," he said.

"It's time they grow up," Johnson said about the neo-Nazi group. "It's not the 1950s any more."

Tempers became heated among counter-protesters and shouting matches broke out among them momentarily.

"Go over to that side," one man shouted to another who appeared to have views in line with those of the neo-Nazis.

Members of the National Socialist Movement contacted the Pomona Police Department about two months ago about having an event in the city, said Mark Gluba, assistant to the city manager.

No permit was required for the event, Gluba said.

Law enforcement from the Pomona Police Department along with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, including about a dozen deputies on horseback, and officers from various agencies in the region were present.

"The law enforcement presence is solely to ensure public safety and to ensure that the First Amendment and constitutional rights of all parties are protected," Gluba said.

No arrests and no injuries were reported.

Police closed Mission to traffic between Garey and Park avenues after counter-protesters went into the street but it reopened once the rally ended.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

N.S.M.Ubber Allis-Sept 3, 2011

Approximately 75 Members of the N.S.M.'s ranks showed up, along with many White citizens from the local community who stood in the audience to hear the message and attend in solidarity.We arrived at City Hall in West Allis to protes the ongoing racial attacks by Black "flash mobs" that has been going on around the Nation. along with the usual vulgar and hateful picket signs we see our opposition display, not one of them held an American flag, only the NSM and our allies had American flags.

Here is just one email sent to N.S.M. HQ regarding our stand against Anti-White Violence:

I'm a white female who actually doesn't live too far from state fair in WI. I was at your rally standing in front watching as you spoke, I must admit your words were very valid and intriguing. I was with friends and we were there honestly because we thought black people get riled up and start fighting, but I soon realized there was more to it when I was listening to you talk. I was shaking my head, along with the group that was standing around me plus my friends, and agreeing with many of your valid points. I even took a video and uploaded it on youtube so I could post it on my facebook page, I don't know if my title would be politically correct, but I labeled it xxxxxxxxxxxx feel free to take a look. The one main part in the speech that caught my attention was when he was saying your group doesn't hate other races, they just highly support their own. There are a lot of support groups for other races out there and I encourage a white support group to do what they need to do to bring awareness to the white community. Thank you so much for having our back, because in that state fair mob, my moms friend was attacked while walking home eating a desert, a lot of friends of mine dealt with having to help those who were hospitalized, one woman and her small child I heard from one of my friends was rushed to the hospital by his brother who is an EMT, and her daughter died in the ICU. I am proud to be white, and I'm sick of it being seen as a bad thing in other peoples eyes. I was even yelled at by some guy when the rally was done and I was leaving, he thought I was a member and was talking all sarcastic to me telling me to come back next year, he can't wait, then some lady told me to suck her XXXX haha...and all I was doing was walking back to my car, this is the kind of ignorance that pisses me off, but strangely all I could do was laugh and hold my head up knowing I was right and proud of who I was after your speech. I would like to learn more about your group, if you could e-mail me back at xxxxxxxxxxxxx or call me with information at xxxxxxxxx Again thank you so much for sticking up for our community, much love.

And this is what constitutes a "respectable cross-section" of multicultural anti-White-rights protesters:
Why do obese White women insist on chimping out with the knuckle-draggers?!

We're definitely gonna need a bigger boat!

September 3rd, 2011, West Allis, Wisconsin.

Commander Schoep's Speech:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wake Up, White America!


When was the last time you've seen a College Fund for people of European Ancestry, or a cable TV network only for people of your race?

When was the last time you received free Housing or Medical Benefits because of your racial background, or an extra qualification for a job only because of the fact that you are White?

When was the last time you were able to wear a T-shirt with a "White Pride" logo, much like Hispanics and African Americans who wear "Brown Pride" or "Black Pride" clothing, without being called a "racist"?

When was the last time you have seen an all-White organization Funed by Government agencies, and labeled a "Civil Rights group", like many of the all-Black organizations, such as the N.A.A.C.P.?

Your rights are being violated, and your heritage is being taken from you!

Anything which is necessary for you to ensure a healthy and productive existence for your people is being denied!!!

Your freedom and racial preservation will not be given to you!!!

It's Time To Take It Back!!!

nsmwa.state@gmail.com 360-356-0310
National Socialis Movement
National Headquarters
PO Box 13768
Detroit, MI 48213

Tuesday, August 9, 2011



Who Are We?

1)We are National Socialists, Dedicated to the preservation of European Americans.

2)We, politically, are in the center of "right wing" and left wing" ideologies

3)We are against illegal mind-altering drugs and those that sell this poisonous venom to our people

4)We are strongly against Child Pornography and Homosexuality; they are against the laws of Nature and are unhealthy to a well-functioning society.

5)We are against race-mixing and Non White immigration. These actions decrease the deconstruction of our people generation-by-generation.

Our Goals:

1)We demand economic reform suitable to our National requirements.

2)We demand the creation of a livable wage

3)We demand the immediate discontinuation of taxes on things of life's necessity such as food, clothing, shelter, medicine etc.

4)We demand the capitalistic consumers society that is destroying America's natural resources, promoting competition for profit and giving our people no other life goal but to purchase material items

5)We demand to ensure on a State level, that the Nation's health standards for protecting mothers and infants are raised.

nsmwa.state@gmail.com 360-356-0310
National Socialis Movement
National Headquarters
PO Box 13768
Detroit, MI 48213


When was the last time you've seen a College Fund for people of European Ancestry, or a cable TV network only for people of your race?

When was the last time you received free Housing or Medical Benefits because of your racial background, or an extra qualification for a job only because of the fact that you are White?

When was the last time you were able to wear a T-shirt with a "White Pride" logo, much like Hispanics and African Americans who wear "Brown Pride" or "Black Pride" clothing, without being called a "racist"?

When was the last time you have seen an all-White organization Funed by Government agencies, and labeled a "Civil Rights group", like many of the all-Black organizations, such as the N.A.A.C.P.?

Your rights are being violated, and your heritage is being taken from you!

Anything which is necessary for you to ensure a healthy and productive existence for your people is being denied!!!

Your freedom and racial preservation will not be given to you!!!

It's Time To Take It Back!!!

nsmwa.state@gmail.com 360-356-0310
National Socialis Movement
National Headquarters
PO Box 13768
Detroit, MI 48213

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Governor Haley OKs S.C. Immigration Cops

Saying “illegal immigration is not welcome in South Carolina,” Gov. Nikki Haley on Monday signed a tough new crackdown bill that sets up a special $1.3 million law enforcement unit to root out those who are here without papers.

The Palmetto State is the latest to create strict guidelines for illegal immigrants and will require police to check the immigration status of anyone they stop and suspect may be in the country illegally,

The law, like new immigration measures recently passed in Georgia, Alabama, Arizona and other states, requires employers to use the federal E-Verify system to check employees’ and job applicants’ citizenship status.

But the biggest difference between South Carolina and other states is the $1.3 million enforcement unit within the state’s public safety department. Reuters reported the unit will have 12 full-time officers with their own uniforms and vehicle decals.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Negro Family Fun Time

Mom kills 5-year-old over broken TV: prosecutors Prosecutors say a New York City woman beat her 5-year-old son to death because he broke the television while playing a Nintendo Wii video game.

Kim Crawford was charged with murder and manslaughter in Bronx Criminal Court on Tuesday. She was ordered held without bond.

Prosecutors say she admitted hitting the boy hard in the back and stomach over the broken TV.

Police found her son, Jamar Johnson, unconscious and not breathing at their Bronx home on Friday.

An autopsy revealed internal abdominal injuries.

Defense attorney Camille Abate told the Daily News that Crawford shouldn't have been charged with murder. She says the facts do not establish that Crawford tried to kill her child.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fascism, It's Good For Ya!

The problem of Lawlessness within the White Nationalist Movement is utterly and completely appalling.

There is a reason that Whites make up the Majority of the free-world populous while
non-Whites comprise the lion's share of the incarcerated population:

The ability to grasp the concept that we have a system of laws legislated to insure that
when we put our children on the schoolbus in the morning that they'll come home in the
afternoon and that while we are away at work, those very possessions for which we toil daily will be intact and inviolate when we return.

We lay our heads down at night under the premise that we will awaken to find our loved ones and our property undefiled by the drug-consumed filth that wander the streets at night.

Am I the picture of perfection? Not by a damn sight.

Marijuana? Been there.
Driving "Escorts" to their "Dates"? [face palm]Been there.
Prison? See Above.

But the point is, I manned the fuck up in prison and became an Odinist and Racialist
and over a 13-year-period, a National Socialist.

Why 13 years? Because as I read about National Socialism in sideline articles in Asatru's leading periodical, Vor Tru, and ultimately Mein Kampf, I wondered why everybody sporting SS and Swastika ink was out committing acts of domestic terrorism in an ill-concieved Jihad against foes real and imagined leaving death and grieving in their wake. Thus, It occured to me that National Socialism would likely be a path straight back to the clink, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200. The idea that people would embrace the spirit of Fascism, but not the letter of, it was utterly and irrevocably mind-boggling.
I am a Fascist and I proudly embrace the term.

The Founder of Christianity said, "If anyone would come after Me, he must deny
himself and take up his cross and follow Me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it." Mark 8:34-35 (NIV) Not bad for an Odinist, right? That's because Truth is truth.

Would I like to sometimes roll up a joint, put on some Pink Floyd and become one with the cosmos? Sure.

Do I?


Because besides being against a law with which I don't necessarily agree, I know that smoking Marijuana would turn me into an over-eating, unmotivated and gelatinous sloth of a man barely capable of stringing together subject and predicate or operating complex equipment such as a toaster or a can of Lysol.

I know that I would be the end-user of a product smuggled unlawfully across our Southern border and which passed through the hands of subhuman filth scarcely worth even being fed and kept as pets.

I know that as I licked that ZigZag rolling paper, I'd be spitting on the very efforts of my NSM comrades, JT Ready, Sgt. Hughes, and the late SS Lt. Jeff Hall not to mention the memory of countless law enforcement officers who have given their lives in the enforcement of our woefully inept immigration laws. So on a daily basis I deny my precious inner child his wanton proclivities.

To be a true Fascist is to acknowledge my obligation as an American Citizen to comply with the Whole Of The Law. It is to know that my only "choice" is to behave in accordance with the Social Contract or be dragged away in thrown in a cage.

So while some who categorize a brother's exodus from the White Nationalist
movement to be the actions of a "race traitor, I posit the question, "Did this person really turn his back on the Aryan race as a whole, or did he simply want to live his life in the home of
his ol' lady and their children rather than to be forced to commune with them through 6" of
Plexiglas while talking 'long distance' through a phone receiver?"

Manufacturing Methamphetamine or converting firearms to full-auto and selling them to
our enemies is not the way of Fascism. Fascism demands that we comply with the law whether we agree with a given statute or not, and to adhere to the legislative referendum process. Not to do what we "want"because for the moment it "feels good".

Our enemies, the AntiFa, anarcho-communist scum, presume to disregard the law and
riot at the first site of a peaceful afternoon.http://nycantifa.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/ara_trenton.jpg?w=640&h=361 These rudderless hooligans, in their black bloc formations, march under two primary slogans, "All Cops Are Bastards" and "Bash
the Fash". They make no distinction between a phalanx of NSM Party Members and the Police.

Why should we?

I choose to Obey.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Don't Tread On Me.

Christopher Gadsden (February 16, 1724 – September 15, 1805), a soldier and statesman from South Carolina, was the principal leader of the South Carolina Patriot movement in the American Revolution. He was a delegate to the Continental Congress and a brigadier general in the Continental Army during the War of Independence. He was also the designer of the famous Gadsden flag.

Gadsden was born in 1724 in Charleston, South Carolina. He was the son of Thomas Gadsden, who had served in the Royal Navy before becoming customs collector for the port of Charleston. Christopher was sent to school near Bristol, England. He returned to America in 1740, and served as an apprentice in a counting house in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He inherited a large fortune from his parents, who died in 1741. From 1745 to 1746 he served during King George's War as a purser on a British warship. He entered into mercantile ventures, and by 1747 he had earned enough to return to South Carolina and buy back the land his father had lost by gambling in 1733.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

South Carolina Immigration Bill Passes House and Senate.

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (Reuters)--South Carolina's House of Representatives approved on Tuesday a comprehensive illegal immigration bill that would allow police to ask for citizenship documentation from anyone they stop or detain for another reason.

It would also allow police to hold a person who fails to provide documentation until their citizenship status is determined.

The Republican-controlled House on Tuesday night voted 69-43 to approve a Senate bill and added amendments. The Senate must concur. If it does not, a conference committee will reconcile the two houses' differences.
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is expected to sign the bill.

The South Carolina law also calls for the creation of a special Illegal Immigration Enforcement Unit within the state police department to work with federal Immigration and Customs officials.

The law would make it a crime to travel within the state without proper documentation or to transport or harbor any undocumented person within the state. It also punishes employers who hire undocumented workers.

The South Carolina state Senate passed a bill Thursday designed to give law enforcement more tools to fight illegal immigration.


The bill would allow local law enforcement officers the authority to detain a person while determining whether the person is in the country legally, but only after the person has been stopped on suspicion of another crime.It states that an investigation into the person's immigration status could only begin if the person failed to present a valid I.D.The bill differs from the controversial immigration law in Arizona in that the bill prohibits officers from making "an independent judgment of a person's lawful presence in the United States.""Biggest thing is, we don't criminalize the unlawful presence of someone in South Carolina," said Sen. Larry Martin, R-Pickens. "We'd like to do that, but the federal law preempts us."The bill says that the officer would need to contact U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to determine if a person should be arrested for immigration violations.The measure also proposes the creation of an Illegal Immigration Enforcement Unit within the South Carolina Department of Public Safety to serve as a mediator between local law enforcement and ICE.Other provisions of the bill include making it a felony to provide an illegal immigrant with fake identification, and a $5 fee on some wire transfers of money going from South Carolina to locations outside of the U.S.The fee would be raised to 1 percent on transfers of more than $500. Martin said the bill was amended to make sure the fee would not affect businesses in the state that perform large wire transfers of money on a regular basis.Opponents of the bill said the measure was likely to draw a lawsuit from the federal government for giving local law enforcement too much authority on immigration."It's going to subject South Carolina to tremendous legal fees, all for nothing but a few sounds bites that the Republicans thought that the tea party base just had to have," said Sen. Bradley Hutto, D-Orangeburg, who voted against the bill."We haven't done anything to chill (illegal immigrants') presence in the state. All we've done is put a burden on law enforcement," Hutto said.The bill will have to pass the House of Representatives before it can be signed into law.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My American Eagle!

First President in the United States

Four months before the Declaration of Independence was signed, South Carolina adopted a state constitution–drafted by a Provincial Congress–and elected John Rutledge (1739-1800) as the State's President and Henry Laurens (1724-1792) as its vice-president. The titles of these offices were changed to Governor and Lieutenant Governor by the Constitution of 1779.

The process of launching a new and independent government in the province of South Carolina formally began on July 6, 1774, while the province was patiently waiting for its new Royal Governor - Lord William Campbell, who did not arrive until June 18, 1775. William Bull, Jr. had been acting on his behalf since 1773, when the previous Royal Governor - Lord Charles Grenville Montague was recalled in disgrace by the British government.

On March 26, 1776, the Second Provincial Congress convened in the morning, then re-assembled in the afternoon as the First General Assembly of the State of South Carolina. The following were the elected leaders of the first South Carolina government:

President - John Rutledge

Vice-President - Henry Laurens

Chief Justice - William Henry Drayton

Assistant Judges - Thomas Bee, John Matthews, Henry Pendleton

Attorney-General - Alexander Moultrie

Fort Moultrie is the name of a series of citadels on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, built to protect the city of Charleston, South Carolina. The first fort, built of palmetto logs, inspired the flag and nickname (Palmetto State) of South Carolina. It is named in honour of the commander in the Battle of Sullivan's Island, General William Moultrie.

Fort Moultrie is the only area of the National Park System where the entire 171-year history of American seacoast defense (1776–1947) can be traced.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

About 50 neo-Nazis rally in Trenton today while hundreds of officers in riot gear stand by

We were kept pretty far,

to understate the matter, from the opposition...

...that time. But, we managed to have some real fun before the rally, because the anarchist scum disrupted our Annual Banquet. Two of their guys were arrested, Joseph W. Alcoff, 29, of Syracuse, N.Y., Thomas T. Keenan, 25, of Franklin Township.. Four of ours hospitalized briefly, two at the insistence of First Responders if only to collect evidence against the Reds.

This way, you eat what you want and still loose weight. National Socialism's unpopularity with the unwashed masses is guaranteed to attract ants to any picnic.

And I can boast my first Promotion

N.J.'s finest.

The Black Panthers are a bunch of Rabble-Rousers who are against race-mixing, homosexuality and drugs in their community.....In other words my kinda folks.