Monday, June 20, 2011

Fascism, It's Good For Ya!

The problem of Lawlessness within the White Nationalist Movement is utterly and completely appalling.

There is a reason that Whites make up the Majority of the free-world populous while
non-Whites comprise the lion's share of the incarcerated population:

The ability to grasp the concept that we have a system of laws legislated to insure that
when we put our children on the schoolbus in the morning that they'll come home in the
afternoon and that while we are away at work, those very possessions for which we toil daily will be intact and inviolate when we return.

We lay our heads down at night under the premise that we will awaken to find our loved ones and our property undefiled by the drug-consumed filth that wander the streets at night.

Am I the picture of perfection? Not by a damn sight.

Marijuana? Been there.
Driving "Escorts" to their "Dates"? [face palm]Been there.
Prison? See Above.

But the point is, I manned the fuck up in prison and became an Odinist and Racialist
and over a 13-year-period, a National Socialist.

Why 13 years? Because as I read about National Socialism in sideline articles in Asatru's leading periodical, Vor Tru, and ultimately Mein Kampf, I wondered why everybody sporting SS and Swastika ink was out committing acts of domestic terrorism in an ill-concieved Jihad against foes real and imagined leaving death and grieving in their wake. Thus, It occured to me that National Socialism would likely be a path straight back to the clink, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200. The idea that people would embrace the spirit of Fascism, but not the letter of, it was utterly and irrevocably mind-boggling.
I am a Fascist and I proudly embrace the term.

The Founder of Christianity said, "If anyone would come after Me, he must deny
himself and take up his cross and follow Me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it." Mark 8:34-35 (NIV) Not bad for an Odinist, right? That's because Truth is truth.

Would I like to sometimes roll up a joint, put on some Pink Floyd and become one with the cosmos? Sure.

Do I?


Because besides being against a law with which I don't necessarily agree, I know that smoking Marijuana would turn me into an over-eating, unmotivated and gelatinous sloth of a man barely capable of stringing together subject and predicate or operating complex equipment such as a toaster or a can of Lysol.

I know that I would be the end-user of a product smuggled unlawfully across our Southern border and which passed through the hands of subhuman filth scarcely worth even being fed and kept as pets.

I know that as I licked that ZigZag rolling paper, I'd be spitting on the very efforts of my NSM comrades, JT Ready, Sgt. Hughes, and the late SS Lt. Jeff Hall not to mention the memory of countless law enforcement officers who have given their lives in the enforcement of our woefully inept immigration laws. So on a daily basis I deny my precious inner child his wanton proclivities.

To be a true Fascist is to acknowledge my obligation as an American Citizen to comply with the Whole Of The Law. It is to know that my only "choice" is to behave in accordance with the Social Contract or be dragged away in thrown in a cage.

So while some who categorize a brother's exodus from the White Nationalist
movement to be the actions of a "race traitor, I posit the question, "Did this person really turn his back on the Aryan race as a whole, or did he simply want to live his life in the home of
his ol' lady and their children rather than to be forced to commune with them through 6" of
Plexiglas while talking 'long distance' through a phone receiver?"

Manufacturing Methamphetamine or converting firearms to full-auto and selling them to
our enemies is not the way of Fascism. Fascism demands that we comply with the law whether we agree with a given statute or not, and to adhere to the legislative referendum process. Not to do what we "want"because for the moment it "feels good".

Our enemies, the AntiFa, anarcho-communist scum, presume to disregard the law and
riot at the first site of a peaceful afternoon. These rudderless hooligans, in their black bloc formations, march under two primary slogans, "All Cops Are Bastards" and "Bash
the Fash". They make no distinction between a phalanx of NSM Party Members and the Police.

Why should we?

I choose to Obey.