Friday, March 16, 2012

What is National Socialism Exactly?

Traditional Socialism, Communism and Marxism, claim to hold all people as equal, but in practice they do not. Marxism actually attacks the elite. You will often hear the phrase "the people" coming from such groups. When they say "the people" they are only referring to poor and underprivileged people, they are actually excluding successful, hard working, intelligent people from person hood.

The people within a Nation need to work together like a single entity. Imagine the destruction to your body if all your body parts fought! Marxists claim that the hands and feet are not being cared for by Capitalism-thus they work to chop off the head, leading to the death of all.

So, while both Capitalism and Communism pit different parts of a Volk against one another, National Socialism teaches them to work together. We need laborers and leaders, inventors and builders.

In almost any aspect that one looks at, when comparing Capitalism to Communism, the middle ground, where the truth lies, will be the stance of National Socialism. Both Capitalism and Communism take truths, that can make peoples' lives better, but then bring them to a horrific extreme, taking too much power and harming the Nation, because ultimately they are Jewish traps.

National Socialism sees the hard work and contributions of all member of a Nation as equal, every job is honorable and respected. However, not working, complaining and being lazy are not! National Socialism also separates itself from International Socialism, in that it does not see other races as part of the single unified entity of the Nation. While all people of the same blood must work together, just as all the cells in your body work together, the immune system must be ready to destroy foreign viruses and poisons. --idunna429Trusted Forum Member

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Statement on informant Brian Holland


On Feb 27th during the Radio show "Coast to Coast" a former Movement affiliate by the name of Brian Holland has openly admitted to serving as a paid informant. It should be noted that Brian Holland has not been affiliated with the NSM since sometime in 2010 when we cut ties with him for fraud and theft from numerous NSM affiliates.

Brian claimed in 2010 to have finished writing a book about the Movement, and showed up at our National Meeting to solicit pre-orders for this alleged (Movement based) book from those in attendance, he claimed the book would ship in a matter of weeks to anyone who paid for a copy at that time. Brian claimed the book would cover his decade of History in the Movement from the time when he claimed to have worked with Dr. David Duke, other various White Civil Rights groups, and up through his time with the National Socialist Movement.

We soon suspected that his claim to have written this book was simply a ruse to extort a little more money from the Movement Faithful when the orders went unattended. Brian also ran for Office on a NSM Platform in 2008, where he solicited and accepted donations from all around the Nation, speaking at events around the Country and passing the hat for donations for that endeavor.

It is unknown to myself and The NSM exactly how much funding he extorted from the Movement during his phony campaign, and what he did with these donations is also unknown to us. It was rumoured within the NSM that he may have misappropriated funds to support his widely suspected chronic gambling habit. According to Brian Hollands own statements to Coast to Coast radio he was being paid 7 to 8 grand per month by the Federal Government for the past 11 years, which equals just short of 100 grand per year, or about a million dollars total over the past decade.

The man (if you can call him that) clearly has no honor whatsoever and sold his soul to the highest bidder. He can live out the remainder of his days as a hated pariah, a thief, a fraud, and as a man with no substance, now that his handlers have apparently cut him loose.

The reason I am addressing this bottom feeding leech at all is this: For all the time Brian Holland spent working as a snitch and getting paid nearly a million dollars (if that figure is even correct as he claims), the American people via our Government have footed the bill.

We are not aware of any person being arrested or locked up due to any illegal actions that Brian may have witnessed, therefore his tenure monitoring the so-called violent Movement of evil White Civil Rights activists was a massive waste of time and funding for the Federal Government, although Brian got his dirty money, the system reaped nothing in return. Brian Holland is simply another scam artist who was looking for a quick buck, he was scamming the system, just as he scammed many of us in the struggle for Race and Nation.

There is so much more I could say about this vile creature, however the above paragraph sums up the legacy of what and who Brian Holland really is in my opinion. Brian Holland will not be the last informant, and he is certainly not the first, but what he and people like him better always remember is this: We will not forgive or forget their treachery! Their shame will loom like a dark shadow over them for the rest of their days on this earth!

The system sends these creatures into the ranks of the Movement in an attempt to slow our momentum, and against the groups and individuals they fear the most. The cause and effect the system wishes to create an atmosphere of fear and paranoia amongst Nationalists and Patriots in order to slow our progress. The proper response to an offensive against our Folk is to double your efforts in the struggle! With that said I will leave you all with a quote from one of our Founding Fathers Benjamin Franklin:

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.