Friday, March 16, 2012

What is National Socialism Exactly?

Traditional Socialism, Communism and Marxism, claim to hold all people as equal, but in practice they do not. Marxism actually attacks the elite. You will often hear the phrase "the people" coming from such groups. When they say "the people" they are only referring to poor and underprivileged people, they are actually excluding successful, hard working, intelligent people from person hood.

The people within a Nation need to work together like a single entity. Imagine the destruction to your body if all your body parts fought! Marxists claim that the hands and feet are not being cared for by Capitalism-thus they work to chop off the head, leading to the death of all.

So, while both Capitalism and Communism pit different parts of a Volk against one another, National Socialism teaches them to work together. We need laborers and leaders, inventors and builders.

In almost any aspect that one looks at, when comparing Capitalism to Communism, the middle ground, where the truth lies, will be the stance of National Socialism. Both Capitalism and Communism take truths, that can make peoples' lives better, but then bring them to a horrific extreme, taking too much power and harming the Nation, because ultimately they are Jewish traps.

National Socialism sees the hard work and contributions of all member of a Nation as equal, every job is honorable and respected. However, not working, complaining and being lazy are not! National Socialism also separates itself from International Socialism, in that it does not see other races as part of the single unified entity of the Nation. While all people of the same blood must work together, just as all the cells in your body work together, the immune system must be ready to destroy foreign viruses and poisons. --idunna429Trusted Forum Member

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