Friday, April 27, 2012

April Nationals: Frankfurt, Kentucky.

The April 2012 National Meeting and rally on Friday April 20th in Kentucky was one of our best ever, and a smashing success as expected. NSM Kentucky did an excellent job setting up the event, and we provided enough food to feed a small army both nights. This years speeches were excellent, new goals were set forth, and this years special announcement and news was unveiled at the meeting. The donation of of a building in the State of North Dakota by our Comrade Craig Cobb was unveiled and pictures of the property were passed around the hall to a roaring applause from our Folk. In addition to the acquisition of the property, we have job opportunities and living quarters available to NSM members in good standing in North Dakota. NSM TN. announced they are currently building a community in the Eastern part of TN. and have plenty of job opportunities available in their Region as well.

Saturday was the march and rally at the State Capitol Building in Frankfort. Nearly 100 NSM and Klan members formed up in solidarity for the rally. Our first sight near the capitol was a mob of homosexuals, anarchists, and other anti-White protesters, at the time we formed up their numbers were considerably less than ours, they had approximately 50 or 60 assorted degenerates, just beyond them we noticed a group of about a dozen white supporters holding a White Pride Worldwide flag who saluted as we proceeded towards the Capitol.

There is much more to report, and so many people who deserve to be singled out for their efforts in the NSM over the past years. You all know who you are, your Party salutes you! We would also like to thank and salute all of our friends in the Klan who assisted us in this effort. Activism and solidarity between different factions of the White Movement is a good thing to see and have participated in. These actions will continue, and more announcements will follow. Our vanpool just returned to Detroit, and I wanted to release a quick statement to let everyone know what has taken place and about some of the good things to come!


Go sit in a deep freezer while someone sprays ice water on you with a garden hose.  You'll get the basic idea of the weather for the NSM Frankfort rally. We all got up early and I was disheartened to see the weather taking such an aweful turn.  Who would want to leave the house to go to the store on a day like that, much less go stand outside for a couple of hours?  I knew this was a stroke of bad luck that doomed political rallies all over the country from time to time, regardless of politics and support.  Regardless of what the civil rights pimps tell their followers, nobody can control the weather.  To myself, I thought, maybe 30 people will show up.  This is going to be bad.

Everybody still went through the ritual of collecting gear and making sure uniforms were in order.  Myself and a few others headed out to the meeting point for supporters.  Wary, we remembered how at one event the support meet-up became the scene of a another failed communist attack.  Maybe all the luck would be on their side today?  The closer we got, the more I hoped the communist attacked.  Though a non-violent organization, direct physical combat with the enemy is a welcome event in our lives.

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