Tuesday, September 6, 2011

N.S.M.Ubber Allis-Sept 3, 2011

Approximately 75 Members of the N.S.M.'s ranks showed up, along with many White citizens from the local community who stood in the audience to hear the message and attend in solidarity.We arrived at City Hall in West Allis to protes the ongoing racial attacks by Black "flash mobs" that has been going on around the Nation. along with the usual vulgar and hateful picket signs we see our opposition display, not one of them held an American flag, only the NSM and our allies had American flags.

Here is just one email sent to N.S.M. HQ regarding our stand against Anti-White Violence:

I'm a white female who actually doesn't live too far from state fair in WI. I was at your rally standing in front watching as you spoke, I must admit your words were very valid and intriguing. I was with friends and we were there honestly because we thought black people get riled up and start fighting, but I soon realized there was more to it when I was listening to you talk. I was shaking my head, along with the group that was standing around me plus my friends, and agreeing with many of your valid points. I even took a video and uploaded it on youtube so I could post it on my facebook page, I don't know if my title would be politically correct, but I labeled it xxxxxxxxxxxx feel free to take a look. The one main part in the speech that caught my attention was when he was saying your group doesn't hate other races, they just highly support their own. There are a lot of support groups for other races out there and I encourage a white support group to do what they need to do to bring awareness to the white community. Thank you so much for having our back, because in that state fair mob, my moms friend was attacked while walking home eating a desert, a lot of friends of mine dealt with having to help those who were hospitalized, one woman and her small child I heard from one of my friends was rushed to the hospital by his brother who is an EMT, and her daughter died in the ICU. I am proud to be white, and I'm sick of it being seen as a bad thing in other peoples eyes. I was even yelled at by some guy when the rally was done and I was leaving, he thought I was a member and was talking all sarcastic to me telling me to come back next year, he can't wait, then some lady told me to suck her XXXX haha...and all I was doing was walking back to my car, this is the kind of ignorance that pisses me off, but strangely all I could do was laugh and hold my head up knowing I was right and proud of who I was after your speech. I would like to learn more about your group, if you could e-mail me back at xxxxxxxxxxxxx or call me with information at xxxxxxxxx Again thank you so much for sticking up for our community, much love.

And this is what constitutes a "respectable cross-section" of multicultural anti-White-rights protesters:
Why do obese White women insist on chimping out with the knuckle-draggers?!

We're definitely gonna need a bigger boat!

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