Tuesday, April 19, 2011

About 50 neo-Nazis rally in Trenton today while hundreds of officers in riot gear stand by

We were kept pretty far,

to understate the matter, from the opposition...

...that time. But, we managed to have some real fun before the rally, because the anarchist scum disrupted our Annual Banquet. Two of their guys were arrested, Joseph W. Alcoff, 29, of Syracuse, N.Y., Thomas T. Keenan, 25, of Franklin Township.. Four of ours hospitalized briefly, two at the insistence of First Responders if only to collect evidence against the Reds.

This way, you eat what you want and still loose weight. National Socialism's unpopularity with the unwashed masses is guaranteed to attract ants to any picnic.

And I can boast my first Promotion

N.J.'s finest.

The Black Panthers are a bunch of Rabble-Rousers who are against race-mixing, homosexuality and drugs in their community.....In other words my kinda folks.

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