Tuesday, August 9, 2011



Who Are We?

1)We are National Socialists, Dedicated to the preservation of European Americans.

2)We, politically, are in the center of "right wing" and left wing" ideologies

3)We are against illegal mind-altering drugs and those that sell this poisonous venom to our people

4)We are strongly against Child Pornography and Homosexuality; they are against the laws of Nature and are unhealthy to a well-functioning society.

5)We are against race-mixing and Non White immigration. These actions decrease the deconstruction of our people generation-by-generation.

Our Goals:

1)We demand economic reform suitable to our National requirements.

2)We demand the creation of a livable wage

3)We demand the immediate discontinuation of taxes on things of life's necessity such as food, clothing, shelter, medicine etc.

4)We demand the capitalistic consumers society that is destroying America's natural resources, promoting competition for profit and giving our people no other life goal but to purchase material items

5)We demand to ensure on a State level, that the Nation's health standards for protecting mothers and infants are raised.

nsmwa.state@gmail.com 360-356-0310
National Socialis Movement
National Headquarters
PO Box 13768
Detroit, MI 48213

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