Thursday, June 28, 2012

Race-Traitor Mother, Subhuman Boyfriend Charged After Infant's Death

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office has filed charges against the mother of the two-month-old boy who suspiciously died on Wednesday.  The mother's live-in boyfriend has also been charged.


Officials investigating Woodside Manor infant death. See photos
Captain Eric Watson with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office said the couple, 21-year-old Angel Ann Richardson and 28-year-old Todd Stephen Melvin, are charged with unlawful conduct towards a child.
The Charleston County Coroner's Office has identified the victim as Kayden Melvin, who was just over two months old.
Investigators say the infant lived in the Woodside Manor subdivision in Ladson.
Major Jim Brady with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded to Trident Hospital around 10 a.m. Wednesday after receiving reports of an infant death. Brady said an unresponsive two-month-old was first taken to Nason Medical Center, then to Trident Hospital.
Investigators responded to the home of the child at 4537 Outwood Drive. Brady also said the victim's mother had a child who was scalded at the same house, but could not confirm if the child in that case was Kayden Melvin.
Brady also said while they were at the home, investigators discovered that a puppy had been recently buried on the property.
"At this point, there's not been a connection made between the infant's death and the puppy," Brady said.

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